Why use a recruitment firm?

Also known as employment/staffing agencies and head-hunters, search firms are in part HR, recruiting, marketing, and talent agent.  A search consultant becomes an ambassador for the client employer, marketing its unique features, culture, position requirements, and future opportunities.  In consultation with the client, search firms use an exhaustive and detailed process to find candidates with the right technical and non-technical fit factors.  Their tools include strategic advertising, a large private curated database of candidates, a large referral network, and cold-calling. Often they can respond with good-fit candidates quickly.  Search firms excel at efficiently screening candidates, then build a nuanced understanding of their aspirations and strengths.  With this personal touch, they can make more insightful matches between candidates and employers.  Search consultants help with counteroffers, competing opportunities, and creating and negotiating offers.

Mitigating Hiring Risk: by vetting candidates, recruitment firms add a layer of assurance to employers.

Active Talent Pool: search consultants continuously invest in relationships with – and grow their pool of – highly qualified candidates who they can reach quickly.

Quality, not Quantity: HR has traditionally focused on attracting a large volume of applicants that then have to be reviewed, filtered, and communicated to; alternatively, search consultants quickly present only a short list of ideal candidates.

Expand Talent Reach: the best candidates are often not applying to an HR team’s online job post.  They’re passive or selective.  Recruiters are networkers so they leverage this to reach candidates ‘busy working’ and ‘off the radar’.

Intel: specialist search consultants in your niche have their finger on the pulse; they have a deep understanding of the skills and experience required for the job, and they’re also often the first to know when a highly qualified candidate becomes available.  And not all jobs are publicly advertised.  Many companies only work with firms to fill roles discretely or to access a pool of talent that is pre-screened.

Search consultants build candidate relationships for the long-term, offering personal guidance and support around work life and career.  They help job seekers identify suitable roles based on their experience, skills and preferences, often saving time and effort.  They are resume and job search experts.  They can offer market trends, know companies that are hiring, and companies’ strengths, weaknesses and compensation.

Search firms ensure that candidates are pre-screened, -interviewed and well prepared for employer interviews.  This translates into a streamlined hiring process, with candidates more likely able to contribute effectively in a job from day one.

Why use a workforce management system?

The past decade has seen exponential growth in companies using an external firm to manage their contingent hourly pay workforce. The reasons for this growth are numerous, including reducing administrative costs and manpower, enforcing compliance and adhering to CRA regulations, managing a workforce on one platform, automated reporting and analytics, and helping with workforce retention.

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Roneta is a premier executive search and staffing firm, founded in 2005, with a focus and particular expertise in Finance and Accounting professionals through CFO level. Roneta also helps clients in other corporate areas such as HR, SCM, HSE and Operations.  Roneta has been a partner to some of Calgary’s top employers and has over 40 years of combined recruitment experience, providing full-time permanent, and interim contract/temporary personnel. Roneta also provides contingent workforce management, or flow-through payroll services.

Roneta has become a partner of choice to our clients in Calgary and has been a subject matter expert for the Calgary Herald, CBC, National Post and CTV.

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