Roneta is an absolute top gun in the recruiting world. Deep experience, responsive and is able to get the job done while helping us not get stuck in decision making paralysis. Roneta clearly has a strong organization as all the candidates that were presented fit our requirements well. They would be at the top of my list for our next search.

CFO, Software Company

Roneta is an enthusiastic and skilled recruitment firm. They are well connected and understand the evolving challenges in the Calgary market. They are versed in finance and accounting and have a good grasp on the many industries requiring accounting professionals. Roneta has a keen sense of each of their client’s unique corporate cultures and adeptly matches candidates to fit.

VP HR, Oil & Gas company

I have used Roneta, for over 10 years to fill accounting and IT roles for both permanent hires and contract positions. I have found Roneta and their team to be extremely responsive and committed to finding us the right candidates. I do not hesitate to recommend Roneta to colleagues and they are my go-to guys every time!

CFO, Oilfield Services Company

I’ve aligned recruiting requests with Roneta for almost 20 years — both as a hiring manager and as a candidate. They bring a great focus to ensuring that there is a solid “fit” between the candidate and hiring organization, and being able to provide extensive background information about both the organization and candidate. Definitely a “go to” recruitment/placement firm.

Director, Implementation, Software Company

Roneta is extremely professional and values relationships with candidates and companies very highly. Roneta understands their client’s needs and ensures clear and timely communication throughout the process. They have a great ability to personally connect with clients and take the time to get to know the individual to present a full picture to companies looking for talent. I would highly recommend Roneta as they have demonstrated themselves to be a top recruiter in their field.

Senior Business Analyst, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Company

Roneta maintains on time communication at all times to ensure that both recruiter and candidate receive the right information on a timely manner. They’re willing to work overtime and cover for another colleague to help the recruiting process goes smoothly. They are also available at all times for any questions throughout the process.

Corporate Reporting Specialist, Oil & Gas Company

Roneta has consistently provided us with highly qualified candidates that have ended up being long term employees. They understand our needs and manage to source the right people to save us time during the interview process. Whenever I have hiring needs Roneta is my first call and they deliver in a timely manner.

Service Manager, Software Company

Guys at Roneta are extremely personable and able to have open and honest communication with candidates they present to potential employers. Roneta follows up regularly with both candidates and employers to ensure the employer/employee relationship is a good fit. They are knowledgeable and very professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for future recruitment needs.

HR & Payroll Manager, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Company

Roneta looks for the best possible candidate for the position that is available. As a result, they present a number of well qualified candidates to the hiring company’s. This in turn may take longer to complete the hiring process, but at the end of the day the fit will be better for both the candidate and the hiring company.

Assistant Controller, Energy Company

In our sector, as with any industry, the there is so much more to the hiring decision than just a tally of past accomplishments. Roneta is the Ideal recruiter if you are wanting to find that special addition to your team. Roneta understands that in high performance enterprizes, the ideal candidate with have a combination of proven talent and upside potential, that will play out on the stage that is the culture of company.

CEO, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Company

The Roneta team is very attentive, efficient and professional. Have worked with them on several successful searches and have never been disappointed. High-quality candidates and eventual great fits with our organization. Spends enough time up front to understand your needs while being mindful of how precious everyone’s time is. Follow-up with candidates and hiring manager post hire is a nice touch and shows that their interest in a successful placement does not stop when the papers are signed.

President, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Company

Roneta has been great to work with every time we have engaged them. They are consistently able to understand our requirements and find diverse candidates who meet the need. Communication throughout the process was especially good, particularly with interview follow-ups, and utilizing the feedback to further refine the candidate shortlist. Will definitely work with Roneta again.

Director, Transportation Company

We used the services of Roneta very successfully twice, both times for an internal auditor. The challenge was that were in Calgary and not in the natural resources industry. They undertook broad searches and were very diligent and professional in sourcing the individuals. We were very pleased with the result.

CEO, Financial Services Company

Roneta invested the time to understand the requirements of the position. They presented a list of high quality candidates and worked closely with us to ensure there was a good fit. Continued followup after the placement. They exceeded our expectations and have become our preferred placement agency.

CFO, Oil & Gas Company

I have only worked with Roneta on one placement, but they very definitely added a ton of value. They were able to identify an interesting mix of high-quality candidates (some a bit outside the box, but in a good way). Roneta also helped strategize around selection and the offer, which really helped. In my experience, Roneta goes the extra mile to find the RIGHT candidate. A pleasure to work with.

Director, Supply Chain, Transportation Company

Roneta is our “go to” recruiter for any level of accounting positions. They’re quick in response and always bring in candidates with the right qualification and relevant experience. Well connected in the business and have a wide range of candidates in the database. They stays in touch and have a good understanding of our needs. It’s a pleasure working with Roneta!

Director, Accounting, Telecom Company

Each time we used the team at Roneta there were great experiences. They were able to provide qualified candidates for us to review in a time frame where we could fill the positions required promptly. They always were able to understand the needs and dynamic of both the role and the organization very well.

CFO, Oilfield Services, Non-profits

Roneta was very helpful and pleasant throughout the process. They asked great questions in order to help us find the best fit for our organization and they were informative and helped provide direction, not to forget to mention that the team is down to earth and relatable. Roneta was also prompt and efficient finding us multiple candidates.

Manager, Production & Revenue Accounting, Oil & Gas Company

We were looking for strong candidates with a quick time frame to fill the role. Roneta presented top-notch candidates quickly for interviews. The skills and personalities were a great match. I always appreciate the personal approach Roneta team takes towards finding the right candidate. Thank you

CFO, Cannabis, Oil & Gas companies

Roneta, was not only a great recruiter for our company but a firm that is genuine, thoughtful and honest. Traits that go a long way when having a candidate open up about their goals and aspirations to see if those align with a potential position. I would highly recommend Roneta for your companies HR future needs.

President, Oilfield Supply Company

Roneta always kept in touch whether we were actively recruiting or not. They are always personable and professional. Roneta provided and placed numerous highly skilled production and revenue accountants as required. I will continue to look to Roneta to fill any future Production and Revenue Accounting opportunities.

Manager, Production & Revenue Accounting, Oil & Gas Company


Roneta was a pleasure to deal with and was very thorough in vetting my references and work experience before presenting me to his client. They asked the tough questions that most recruiters avoid. Roneta has many connections which is very valuable in getting information about both the hiring manager/company and the recruit. Great recruiter!

Assistant Controller, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Company

Roneta did a great job in finding me a role that levered off my previous experience while at the same time helping me move towards achieving my long term career goals. I strongly recommend them to those individuals that have drive, specific career goals and won’t settle for less than the best opportunity.

Assistant Controller, Oil & Gas Company

Roneta found both myself and my wife our recent positions – where each of us stayed for 5+ years. From the candidate’s perspective they are great to work with – really takes the time to line up a role that fits and does not push anything that is not aligned with where you are wanting to head. Since the initial roles they have maintained contact in a very respectful manner and I would not hesitate to work with them again as either a candidate or employer.

Director, Marketing, Oil & Gas Company

Roneta is a an exceptional firm and I’m very satisfied on how they placed me to my current job. Communication is exceptional and they always keep updated on the status on the role. I wasn’t able to get the originally but kept me updated and called me when the role became available again. I will rate Roneta 5 stars.

Senior Accountant, Electronics Company

Roneta is very personable and always willing to meet to discuss potential opportunities. They take great care to ensure that the opportunities presented are aligned with my career preferences and personal values. I appreciate that Roneta checks in from time to time and keeps me up to date with new roles as they become available.

Senior Accountant, Energy Services Company

Roneta was great to work with. They understood what I was looking for and helped me along the way whenever I had questions about the hiring process, etc. They also provided me with informative information to help me prepare for my interview. Very proactive on letting me know where I stood as a candidate and just constantly touching base with me throughout the entire process. I would strongly recommend Roneta!

Production Accountant, Oil & Gas Company

The Roneta team were very pleasant to deal with. I was referred to them instead of finding my profile but they were committed to place me to a company looking for my qualifications. Roneta provides genuine consideration of both parties’ needs. Very professional and gets you engaged in the assignment by providing insight and thorough details.

Accountant, Gas Supply Company

Roneta did an excellent job representing me to the hiring company. They were very professional and provided hiring updates almost instantaneously as they received them. Roneta also provided me with resources and advice to assist me during the interview process. I would strongly recommend working with them as they have really helped my career going forward.

Implementation Specialist, Software Company

Roneta really takes the time to get to know you, what you want for your career and offer advice. They are also very quick to reply. I felt like Roneta cared, that I wasn’t just a number. Although I went a different way than the job they aligned me with, I did get the job offer, with conditions and compensation that I was happy with. It was a tough decision and I was overall very satisfied with their services.

Senior Accountant, National Retail Company

Roneta worked with me as I was looking for an intermediate-level position in a difficult Calgary job market. Despite my little Canadian experience, They treated me as a worthy applicant and reviewed my resume in detail, responding well to my active enquiries. Roneta addressed my case in a professional and timely manner and helped me build confidence to go through the selection process, prepare for multi-level interviews, and present myself as a quality candidate.

Business Analyst, Transportation Company

I was very impressed with Roneta as a recruiter. When I was seeking employment they were very mindful of trying to place me with a company where I would be a great fit and be able to make a meaningful contribution and enjoy the role and environment as well. Roneta was honestly interested in making sure the position would not simply be a place to work, but I place I enjoyed going to work everyday. They took the time to know me with an in-depth interview in order to know my interests and strengths, provided me with tools so I could be well prepared for the interview process, and gave me a run down of what to expect with the particular company and their management style. I also received good post interview feedback which is very useful for improvement. I ended up accepting a position elsewhere, however, my experience with Roneta was one of the most positive ones in all of my 25 years in the industry.

Business Analyst, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Company

Roneta was the only hiring agency that communicated back to me immediately I had graduated from the university. They went as far as editing my resume, giving me interview tips and would call occasionally to find out everything was going well at work. I am truly appreciative of their endeavors in my careers.

AP, Accommodation/Hospitality Company

Had a great experience with Roneta: Chris and his colleague Mike Buckner through my recruiting process. Both were very knowledgeable and available to engage with me and discuss options and answer my questions during the process from start to finish. Was very impressed with their professionalism, and would highly recommend.

Financial Reporting Specialist, Oil & Gas Company

I have worked with Roneta multiple times, both from a hiring perspective as well as a candidate. They are thorough, engaged, ask thoughtful questions and probes deeply. They are friendly and engaging and stay in touch long after the hiring process is complete to make sure it all continues to go smoothly. Roneta is active in the community which is something I value a lot.

Director of Finance, Oil & Gas, Non-profit

Roneta was an excellent recruitment firm. I had the ability to work with them being placed myself, and also to recruit candidates to work for me. In both scenarios Roneta has great ability to understand client needs, and act quickly to address those needs. I would definitely use Roneta again in the future.

Director of Accounting & Process Improvement, Transportation Company